Huntington America

All its posterior trips had been designed in order to launch the light on this subject. It was the inquiry of old lakes took that it for the dangerous regions of Afeganisto and for the unexplored residues of salt of Lop. Its work gave origin to a distinct theory of the changes of the pulsante climate, and gave its effect on history. Test of this, not only seems to be found between the ruins, rivers and lakes of Asia, but also in the trees of California, and in the civilization notable, who was born about 2000 years behind in Central America. It published ' ' Climate Factor' ' ' ' Solar The Hypothesis of Climatic Changes' '. It received the degree from Master in Arts for the University of Harvard in 1902, and Doctor in Philosophy in the University of Yale in 1909. It belongs the congregacional church, and is independent of the politics (Ibdim).

It was in the original permanent commission of the foundation for the study of the 1941 cycles. It was also worried in studying better to understand America in century 20, with the race to be an important factor as he was. Being one respected Professor in the University of Yale, at a moment opened in 1919 ' ' Chronicles of America' ' (a series destined to public in general, Jnior and reading of the level of average education) I&#039 volume; ' , ' ' The Continent of the Vermelho&#039 Man; '. Contribution of Huntington in the Evolution of the Geographic Thought Stops beyond its workmanships as The Pulse of Asia, Civilization and Climate, the Human Habitat; Huntington was a figure in the development of Geography Human being, in the United States at the beginning of century XX. Huntington more is known by its defense of the Ambient Determinismo, nominated in what it respects to the impact of the climate and the climatic changes on the civilizations.

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