Installing Joomla

With the modern CMS Joomla, you create professional Web pages in no time. In this article, I’ll show you how to install Joomla. Joomla is one of the most advanced content management systems and is constantly evolving. Joomla is perfect for business and corporate sites and also for club sides. For Joomla, you need no coding, because the clear surface you to comfortably operate the content management system.

There are countless extensions available with which one can make Joomla even more powerful for special requirements. The huge community provides many free templates and extensions (like E.g. image gallery, Sitemap, contact form, social media integration, etc.) to download. But now I want to show up the way you, how to install Joomla on your PC. For test purposes (or if you have no Web server) Joomla can be installed on your own PC. You need the local XAMPP webserver.

Download and install XAMPP XAMPP is a local Web server for Windows, which simulates a Web server environment. “” Download of Joomla loaded the latest version of Joomla download unpack of the Joomla .zip file to use the Extract function “Windows or alternatively a free tool to unzip of the files in folders moving the unzipped folder must be in the folder c: / xampp/htdoccs” be moved. Unzipped folder which you can rename for example in “joomla”. “Installation of Joomla now in the following URL address in the browser enter: localhost/joomla (or the appropriate folder name as you have defined it), follow the installation instructions of the installation routine of Joomla after installation you then need to have the folder of installation” delete. Now you have installed Joomla! Now open your browser with the following 2 tabs: localhost/joomla/administrator (backend) localhost/joomla / (frontend) now you can with the previously awarded access data in the backend login. Now, you can test all the features of Joomla on your PC. The great Advantage is that no costs for webspace or domain. Because all data on your PC, you have of course also significantly lower load times and no restrictions. Videos: Joomla installation: part 1 – Installing Joomla 2.5: basics and entry if that was you now a little too fast, that’s no problem. I created a detailed free tutorial, how to install Joomla. A description with screenshots and several videos are available. I will show in addition the first steps in Joomla and how to optimally use the basic settings, you all for free of course!

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