Today I wrote some texts and I lost all they, gave one pane in the computer, I confess that in this day it was inhaled, I made the texts with my soul, penalty that I lost all they. It takes that it has forces enough to write more, during this year I want to write more, is a learning form use the Internet to not only inform me to study or to search, also I create contents and texts same that are not so well written but I produce and I help the expansion of the Internet, if we were not common we internautas the Internet would be well lesser of what it is, I do not write very but of time in when I make some articles even today nobody complained of me, still has that to very study literature and the grammar, to write better, to perfect I am wanting me in this art of the scribes, funny since the antiquity had existed writers, perhaps if they were not did not have nor conditions to know as it was the past. But I believe that the excess of writers of our time contributes for bigger distortions each time of history, for this is necessary scientific research to decipher correctly and to try to understand history. I do not know if I am helping or deturpando history with my texts, I taste very to read history books find interesting very, I would like to make some research and to write on some important subject but for the time being I am only learning to write with more frequency, for better understanding I this way go stopping later I venture myself to write more..

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