Latin Development

The development of the child refers to the biological and psychological changes that occur in human beings between birth and the end of adolescence, the individual passes dependence at ever greater autonomy. Since these changes in development can be strongly influenced by genetic factors and events during prenatal life genetic and prenatal development usually included as part of the study of child development… related terms include the psychology of development, in reference to the development throughout life, and Pediatrics, the branch of medicine related to the care of children. evolutionary change can occur as a result of processes known as maturation, or as a result of environmental factors and learning genetically controlled, but mainly affects an interaction between the two. There are several definitions of periods in the children’s development, since each period is a continuum with individual differences concerning the beginning and end.

Listen to phonetically read some age related periods of development and examples of the intervals are: newborn (ages 0-1 months); child (ages 1 month 1 year); child (ages 1-3 years); Preschooler (ages 4-6 years); the child school age (ages 6-13 years); teens (ages 13-20) 1. However, organizations like Zero to Three and the World Association for infant Mental health using the newborn at term as a broad category, including children from birth to age 3, a logical decision taking into account that the Latin derivation of the word infant refers to those who have no voice. The optimal development of children is considered vital for society and what is important to understand the social, cognitive, emotional, and educational development of children. Increased research and interest in this field has led to new theories and strategies, with Special attention to the practice that promotes development within the school system. In addition there are also some theories that attempt to describe a sequence of States that make up the development of the child. I hope that this information about infant development is of muchaayuda. David a.

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