Libyan Territory

Gadafi reappears again to say that " they will follow luchando". " Your resistance must increase day da" , the dictator has said. Prime minister of Gadafi supports " revolution libia" . Libyan colonel Muamar the Gadafi has called to his followers to prepare itself to resist and to do against " a war prolongada" , in a new message spread by the Syria television channel To RAI. In the recording, in which anniversary of its access to the power commemorates the 42 after the revolution that the Idris monarch overthrew, Gadafi also insists to " countries agresores" (in rrencia to NATO) to " to be understood with legalidad". " Your resistance must increase day to day. Preparaos for a war of guerrillas and urban war, and you propagate a popular resistance all over Libia" " , the ex- Libyan leader said, who remains in unknown whereabouts.

One is the second message issued by Gadafi in hardly hours, and fifth since Tripoli, the Libya capital, fell into the hands of the rebels. Gadafi added that in the last 42 Libya years it has lived " freedom and prosperidad" , but that now NATO has destroyed " modern infraestructuras". According to the dictator, " colonialistas forces " they try to harvest the natural resources of Libya, mainly the water petroleum and sources. " Victim of one injusticia" " They wish to give back to Libya to which it was before the revolution, that all the resources hand over their, but prrimos the death before eso" , Gadafi insisted. Also, it alluded to the city of Sirte, one of the last bastions that follow into the hands of the gadafistas, that " with the last bombings it has recovered his prestige like capital of resistencia". Gadafi considers that its country has been " victim of an injustice, since they have attacked schools, hospitals, and highways ". In the last hours they have continued the desertions of the gadafista side, like the one of its last prime minister, Mahmudi the Baghdadi, that public did his endorsement to " the revolution libia". Source of the news: Gadafi insists to its followers to prepare itself on " a war prolongada" in Libyan territory

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