Major Prates

The necessity to keep its origins sends to the formation and social transformation of the montesclarense population, that it searchs to preserve the past in the human being for the construction of the identity and the valuation of its origin. With passing of the time, the fair of Major Prates gained new adaptations, but without losing its meaning traditional. the souvenirs of the past are ressignificadas and transmitted in the gift, as it demonstrates Bosi: ' ' all man has a root for its participation in a collective that conserves livings creature some treasures of the past and certain hunches of the future. New times that preserve the alive one and the origin of the culture humana' ' (BOSI, 2003, p.23). Thus, the individual memory is reconstructed in the space of the fair where each one loads its memories that makes broke of its history Mr. Julio says: I worked per many years in the fair, but today I am a frequentador fidiciary office. I am all here the sundays to see my friends and relembra my time of feirante that for signal was not easy more left homesicknesses (interviewed Mr.

Julio). Through this story one notices, what I publish it moves it in the fair of Major Prates is not practises alone it of the commerce, but also the necessity of this in social conviviality in one determined place, where relights its souvenirs it leads and it to reviver through the individual memory, the past that when shared a memory exchange awakes the souvenir of the group in way to the colloquies having. The study of the social memory he is one of the basic ways to approach the problems of the time and history, relatively to which the memory is however in retraction, however in overflow. In the historical study of the historical memory it is necessary to give to a special importance ace differences between essentially verbal society of memory and society of memory (Le Goff, 1990, p.423).

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