Now that a mark can be considered truly innovative, necessary have presence on the Internet. This is a reality that entrepreneurs in the world can not ignore, since from making several years for any consumer what is not on the Internet, it simply does not exist. Companies have to begin to join in the so-called marketing 2.0, where the transformation and movement of marketing are the result of activity on the network. But activity on the network is more than just having a WEB site where consumers can consult catalogues or price, a correct activity on your network requires the handling of different tools, that although in principle seemed to act individually, have become part of a single strategy. In Marketing 2.0 consumer decisions made under their own terms, and seek support before taking any step, in networks of trust where you can get honest opinions and hand of people who are in the same situation. s much experience in this field. This new Marketing concept accommodates one much larger interaction, Since a person can consult not only with his family and friends but with a number of consumers absolutely higher. The way in which people participate or interact on the network, has been marked by the presence in two large social portals on the Internet: Facebook and Twitter.

A company that wants to be innovative, must by obligation to move in these networks. We call it obligation because it is there where they generate real debates and a comfortable, in most cases, bilateral communication. The presence on these social portals allows us to speak of communities of users, talking about the possibility of boosting the messages we want to communicate, messages that are normally transmitted through E-mail campaigns marketing, but that cannot remain alone in that. Each campaign that performs an entrepreneur must be linked to various movements and processes, processes that must be directed to users and clients, and you know that although they depend on some level of your email, they feel more comfortable and at ease in a social network. In a social network as Twitter messages have a limited number of characters. This unique feature makes the design of messages have to change, in comparison to an E-mail campaign.

Must be returned much more specific but especially attractive. In this network the messages must generate a degree of curiosity that is key, if what you want is to capture potential customers with whom to work at depth, either to provide a service or simply to study the behavior and the interests of the market. Marketing 2.0 requires learning to design for social networks, designing content graphics and/or writings, which cannot be said to be a simple task, but can return, if the initial interaction is to the liking of consumers-users. This type of marketing requires much work, already have a significant presence on the Internet, is something in which employed thousands of companies around the world. However if you learn how to make use of social networks, you will find that the level of segmentation is much more specific and more useful for their commercial purposes. Our recommendation so that you achieve a good development of marketing 2.0, is the creation of multi-channel campaigns, campaigns that give home in your regular shipments of E-mail marketing, but that extend to their profiles on different social networks and from them to their activities on the main website of your company.

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