The ascetic bore a life of penance and rigor, just ate and slept in a miserable hut. The woman was very frequently visited by men. One day the ascetic rebuked the prostitute: form of life is yours, perverse women?. These corrupt and corrupt others. You insult God with your behavior.

The woman felt very sad and I cry. Really wanted to live life differently, but it was very difficult given their conditions (had to feed her family). Although it could not change its mode to get a few coins, it apenaba and regretted having to resort to prostitution, and everytime it was taken by a man, ran his mind and awareness towards the divine. For its part, the ascetic was found with enormous displeasure that the woman was still being visited by all sorts of individuals. It had taken the step of collecting a pebble by every individual who enters the shack of the woman. After a time, had a good lot of pebbles.

I call the woman and he faulted it:-woman, you’re terrible. See these pebbles?. Each one adds one of your abominable sins.Women are saddened, felt much pain and a great tribulation. I wish to die and very deeply that Dios disregard of this way of life, and, a few weeks later, the angel of death visited her and took her to be. That same day, for designs of inexorable fate, also died the ascetic, and behold, the woman was taken to regions of sublime light and the ascetic to the dense darkness. Observing where carried, the ascetic protested strongly and angrily injustice Dios committing with him. A Messenger of the divine explained: you complain of being driven regions lower and denser despite having spent your life in austerities and penances, and that, on the other hand, women have been conducted to higher regions and light.But, is it that you do not understand that we are what we reap? What if you see the minor distinction between God and your purest essence, is that you do not understand?.

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