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The effect of micro-nutrients in high blood pressure (hypertension) almost every third adult in Germany suffers from a high blood pressure. At 85 to 90 percent of all hypertension, no organic cause is detectable. In the longer term, a chronic high blood pressure damages blood vessels and heart. To prevent or to improve an existing hypertension we know also the life style should be changed fundamentally. These include: nutrition (be preferred should fruits and vegetables), task of smoking, weight reduction, economical use of salt, avoiding stress, etc. An optimisation of the micro-nutrient supply of the emergence of a high blood pressure often can counteract. In an already active hypertension, micro-nutrients can reduce the history.

For the health of blood vessels, certain micro-nutrients have a particularly great therapeutic potential. They act as antioxidants and protect the blood vessels before the emergence of arteriosclerosis; they keep the blood vessels elastic and improve endothelial function so the ability of blood vessels to expand and contract. In people who suffer from high blood pressure, increased markers of oxidative stress were demonstrated in various studies. Vitamins C and are capable to improve the antioxidant capacity and lower blood pressure. Increased Homocysteinwerte are placed with Atherosclerotic vascular changes in connection for many years. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mining offers on the topic.. In addition, there are various references from studies, that there is also an association between the homocysteine and high blood pressure. Women with a high intake of folic acid had a significantly reduced risk of hypertension compared to women with low consumption of folic acid.

Probably, also known as vitamin B6 for regulating blood pressure plays a role. A vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of the development of arterial hypertension approximately by a factor of 3. It is believed that vitamin D prevents the harmful effects of certain vascular deposits, the so called AGEs. A considerable potential in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure has the amino acid arginine, formed the vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) gas. A more important Aminoaure in hypertension is taurine. It affects the frequency of the heart – easy blood pressure, strengthen heart muscle force and so regulating anti-arrhythmisch, and it has antioxidant properties. In men, higher selenium concentrations reduce hypertension risk, according to the results of a study from Belgium. Supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 showed very good results with regard to the lowering of blood pressure. The micro-nutrient therapy in hypertension knows many more micro-nutrients, which are therapeutically effective. The micro-nutrients in the right dosage is important to deliver exactly in the crowd as they are beneficial the body – what is possible only on the basis of a specific analysis of the blood. The DCMS under-activity check of the diagnostic centre for mineral analysis and spectroscopy includes those Micro-nutrients that you especially should look for when high blood pressure. DCMS GmbH closer infos under: Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH lion stone str. 9 D-97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel. 0049 / (0) 9394 / 9703-0 E-Mail: Web:

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