Napolitano Landmarks

The problem is that in the groups youngest, also in those youthful subculturas that if they judge extremely rebellious, the action of the media is determinative for the constitution of the identity of the group. The phenomenon of the midiabilidade implies the difuculdade in establishing borders defined between the experience taken root in the more traditional social relations (lived in the quarter, the work, the school or the family) and that one lived ‘ ‘ atravs’ ‘ of the media, incorporating values and behaviors removed Argument of the book: As to use the television in classroom Napolitano Landmarks. 5. ed. – So Paulo.

Pg.12 and 13 of its types and personages. The midiabilidade is one of the main problems to be thought for the school, when objectifying the incorporation of the material propagated for the TV as learning source. To read more click here: Jeffrey Hayzlett. It is not treated to try to waste the influence of the media in the life of the people, but of explicitar this phenomenon and supplying some estimated crticoas, valuing cultural elements that many times the pupils already possess. The primordial task of the school, in view of the work with the material of the TV, will be to think the degree of midiabilidade of its diverse clienteles and the individuals and involved social groups about the pertaining to school work, as well as the diverse forms of reception of the contents propagated for the media. She is necessary to not only think the influence of the media about our lives, recognizing its escapist, alienator or conformistical characteristics, as apprehending its diverse facetas and the results of its influence on the society. Let us come back to the question: as, in classroom, it can be spoken badly of the media, in a pparently hipercrtica attitude, but that it finishes if becoming artificial? In these cases we weigh that an ambiguous situation occurs, therefore at the same time, that the content of the media is questioned is possible to seduce itself for its form.

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