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Herpes zoster is the most aggressive of herpes, having no cure, the damage caused by the virus can become irreversible, is why we should start treatment as quickly as possible and if necessary go to the specialist so we can overcome the illness without any irreversible damage, we can start in parallel some natural treatment for herpes zoster, but previously in consultation it with the doctor. A well-known natural treatment is the application of Sangre de Drago on the wounds. It is known that the bleeding of Drago has powerful healing effects and could be useful in preventing Herpes wounds become too deep causing some damage to the nerves. If the pain is unbearable we may elect to apply Aloe Vera gel on the wounds or we can extract the pulp of this plant and apply it directly, but it must be borne in mind that it should only be applied when we are resting, preferably without a garment on the wound, so that it cannot spread littering our garment, besides that the risk of spreading the virus. It is likely that we will have an extreme sensitivity to cold, is for this reason that sometimes are usually recommend bathrooms with hot water, if you don’t have some sensitivity, you can opt for cold water baths. Another natural product that can be successfully used to relieve the pain of wounds on herpes zoster is directly apply few drops of St. John’s wort oil, should be cleaned immediately after obtaining relief, or leave it 20 minutes to achieve a remarkable decrease of painful sensations. Once again we recommend consulting with the specialist if you plan to implement any of these natural treatments for herpes zoster, to avoid any complications, since this disease being badly treated can bring permanent sequelae. Discover how you can eliminate outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here.

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