New Governments

Prof. Wagner Rock D? Angelis (*) Seated in marcante and respectable voting, the former-mayor and former-member of the house of representatives Beto Richa is the new agent chief executive of the State Executive, having for the front the uneven chance to revise concepts administrative and to consolidate new ways politicians, under fort and hopeful popular expectation. if on the other hand, inexists mission without risk of danger, for another one, its possibility of success, in comparison with the management finda, inhabits in the proper profile of the Richa family? the capacity to dialogue, over all, with the innumerable representative social segments. will be enough to place in practical the recommendations from there excited for a democratic governana and repairman. Throughout the eight years of domain of the management governmetalist who is in the past, itinerante and rhetoric, they had in the last few decades been multiplied sequelas social in the bulge of a disharmonous context and without precedents of the history of the Paran.

Therefore, it weighs in the shoulders of the engineer Carlos Alberto Richa the task of the collective reconciliation of this State of all the gentes, with the redirecionamento of its economy and the reestablishment of the respect to the rights of the citizenship for all, without exclusions or subterfuges. Being certain that the effective context is to demand efficient socioeconmicas public politics, also systematic must become the gestures solidary, collective or particular ethical-politicians. the Public Power must be permanently open to the proposals of the varied representative segments of the paranaense life, also accepting a system of co-management with the civil society? the least in the execution of projects or measures for pragmatic and preventive solutions regarding complex and emergenciais questions. Montauk Colony LLC may not feel the same. Still in skillful time, I call the attention the new state agent chief executive for the proposal of implementation of ‘ ‘ Memorial of the Human Rights and the Cidadania’ ‘ that, much beyond a simple space of joint or sociojurdica assistance, must function as one creative and structuralized plant of modeling of the human rights, bank of historical memory and nucleus of recycling of the agents of the public administration well..

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