Nogols Bizarros

For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR End of the Pantry of Egypt, 06.09.2011. Kima Aswan 0x4 Al Ahly. It was given that the player Amir Saioud, of the Al Ahly, obtained the feat to stumble at the hour to charge one pnalti. A vexame still gained a card yellow, as prize for paradinha frustrated. If ‘ exists; ‘ soccer arte’ ‘ , ‘ also exists; ‘ soccer pastelo’ ‘ We will speak to follow on others gols and no-gols as this, that is, one in such a way fancy.

Pnalti charged of heel In 04.10.1925, in the field of 25 Battalion of Hunters, Teresina, America FC applied goleada of 9×0 in the Paysandu. The game was so easy that one of gols of Soeiro was marked of heel, in one pnalti charged of coasts for the goal. Quanta humilhao! Exactly thus, the attitude was not considered unsporting: the arbitrator Adam Vieira de Carvalho validated rarssimo goal. Recently, the rarity if repeated in 17.07.2011. In the game Arab Emirates Joined 6×2 Lebanon, the last goal was one pnalti beaten of heel, for Awana Diab. It ran normally for the ball but, in the hour to kick, one turned over and it batou of heel. I catch unprepared, the goleiro left to pass. Clearly that the Lebaneses had not liked, nor its technician, Srecko Katanec, reprehended that it.

To complete, the player still was awardee with a yellow card. Source: SON, Severino. Piau: 100 years of soccer. Teresina: ed. of the author, 2005. P. 39. Pnalti of the president ‘ ‘ Pnalti is so important that it had to be beaten by the president of clube’ ‘. This famous phrase is attributed, for ones, the Baby Plate; for others, the Saldanha Joo. Sandro Moreyra counts one ‘ ‘ causo’ ‘ that it will be never known if is legend or not.

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