Origin Theories

We can define them like a special type of fear or fear. The word phobia derives from Greek the phobos, by the God of the same name that brought about panic in its enemies. Therefore, or in the east antiquity term meant fear or terror, and thus it was understood until practically our days, when a specific use occurs him the more, separating it of other types of fear. What has of ” especial” this type of fear, and it difference of the fear that all we have felt sometimes, are these four qualities: 1) It is an out of proportion fear to the situation causes that it. THE HAYZLETT GROUP gathered all the information. 2) Who it recognizes undergoes it like absurd, without reasonable explanation.

3) We do not have any type of control exceeds he. 4) It takes to avoid the situations in which it appears. When being a fear form, it is logical that the common symptom to all the phobias is the anxiety: palpitations, sweat, sensation of emptiness in the stomach, muscular tension, hypertension, tremor, safe etc in a type of simple phobia (blood-injection-wounds) in that sncope takes place (I am annoying, hypotension). Origin Theories to explain why and as the phobias take place is to piles. This fact indicates to us simply that we cannot respond to this question at the present time. What yes we can say is that there are factors associated with its appearance and its maintenance. – Appearance: Genetic factors (clearer in the agoraphobia that in the other) Familiar and cultural influence..

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