Original Meetings

– This is escencial, if your you do not obtain that the inegrantes of the group of mastermind are committed that they attend the meetings, soon you will see that nor half of the people will appear. Obvious nobody forces nothing, if time that does not exist commitment in some of the members, dalo of loss of the group and looks for somebody more. 5.

– The Format to follow in the meetings. – Really there is no a format standard. Some groups of mastermind ask for each member that take the control from the meeting with aganda to follow each you see that they meet. In the agenda it can be including for example a relevente subject to your niche of market for example establishing a marketing strategy. Or the problem of some member can be to solve, usually also there is a space during the meeting to establish goals of each member, and will have to be fulfilled and to be reviewed by the remaining members in the next meeting. 6. – Mantn your fresh and dynamic meetings. – Like everything, the meetings of mastermind can be turned with time into a routine, mantn your fresh meetings and dynamic being creative, if the meetings are actual have a food, they change of subject, they change of place to meet, or invite to an external person the group so that it gives a talk them, the sky is the limit, you do not only turn aside much of the original intention of the group. Greetings Pedro Campuzano Original author and source of article.

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