Outsourcing Of Translation Services

Especially medium-sized and small businesses need to focus today on their core competencies. So as a medium-sized Swiss companies decided last year to outsource its internal translation service to external translators. The result is impressive: already in the first year the company has can save nearly half a million francs. The procedures have been simplified considerably and are now more flexible, more efficient and cheaper. The high fixed costs a thing of the past. The high costs are not the only important aspect for a company long ago. Many procurement departments however assume the mistaken idea that translation is a replaceable service. It is requested, selected and ordered as a cleaning agent.

It asks everytime for multiple offices or translators and then selects the cheapest. This leads to constantly changing quality translations and prevents the use of consistent terminology; because once an Office is cheaper, then again others. Translation of specialized texts, however, is a very special and individual services, the quality of which crucially depends on the person of the translator. Constant exchange of offices means constant change of the translator. Who wants high-quality translations, must get used to so, to not ask for the company name after the name of the translator. You a good translator took once, then it is better to keep him instead to find a cheaper. The also is less expensive in the long term. Why? The translator has little interest to constantly incorporate in new areas of expertise and are looking for new customers.

He is rather intensively involved in a topic. Because he better get to know the products over the course of time, he must ask for less. This saves long working hours also at the customer. A long-term cooperation justifies also the investment in a company-specific terminology database, which further accelerated its work and it allows the translator, the customer-specific Terminology to internalize.

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