Change Unit

David against Goliath of young technology companies successfully fights against counterfeiting the topic of piracy around the world represents an enormous challenge for companies from a wide range of sectors. Experts estimate the share of counterfeiting world trade already on 10 percent. In Germany alone, the Produktpiratierie at risk currently 50,000 jobs, revenue losses amount to up to 30 billion euros. This is just the tip of the iceberg: the global market is a fertile ground for product piracy and makes an accurate assessment of the situation. Swiss authentication, a young technology company headquartered in Gerstried near Munich, developed with several experts now the solution: the products received a marking based on luminescent Lanthanide compounds, which is only with a laser detector unit developed specifically for this process to identify. Dr. Arnold Herp, managing partner of HEITEC innovation GmbH and partner of Swiss authentication, was instrumental in the Development involved. The great advantage of our system is the versatile applicability: the marking withstand even extreme physical stress, such as fire, light or chemicals, without losing their properties.

the detector unit is easy to use and is about the size of a cell phone. A reorder of marks is possible for the customer at any time. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Group. With the system developed by Swiss authentication industry and trade is given a tool that is easy-to-use and on the latest state of the art”, emphasizes Herp. The innovative safety concept consists of three components: in addition to the labelling and a detector unit includes a comprehensive know-how protection, based on certified processes and extensive patenting of the underlying technologies. The marking itself consists of tiny particles (< 30? m), which through a laser beam in the infrared range reveal a spectrum in the visible and invisible. Hear other arguments on the topic with Darius Bikoff. The particles are produced for each customer in a top secret process: by Change the molecular structure is produced a custom range for each product. Marking and detector unit work on the key lock principle: the detector unit uses to determine typical characteristics of customer-specific marker and compares it with specified characteristic bars. The generated label is absolutely safe from forgery.

The cost of such marking can be kept low according to Dr. Herp by using cheaper components comparatively. A moderate level of prices is one of the key success factors for a product protection system: “An economic choice is primarily to protect against forgeries”, so Dr. Herp, “despite the cost of labelling, especially for mass products, must not exceed certain threshold”. Only a truly nationwide usage is possible, which, in turn, constitutes an essential prerequisite for the effective protection of brands. Further information is available on the website of Swiss authentication:

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Furniture Develops

Li Ko DESIGN expands product Li Ko DESIGN furniture manufacturer based in South Germany extended its product range of functional, timeless metal furniture. With and without lighting depending on the customer’s request. Special designs on request. The slotted Roren offer height adjustability of the shelves and a cable channel can be the unloved tangling elegantly disappear. Company profile Li Ko DESIGN illuminated furniture series since 1993 for TVs, flat screens, video recorders, Hi-Fi systems, DVDs and CDs.

A combination of technology, aesthetics and functionality. Li Ko DESIGN is always striving to combine clarity and perfection in their design. The geschlitzen, illuminated tubes, which allow an individual height adjustment of the shelves at the racks are a distinctive feature of Li-Ko DESIGN products. The first design has won with the CD rack TriStar Li Ko DESIGN 1995 competition. Then, as now not the final price to the fore in the development of Li-Ko DESIGN stands furniture, but the functionality and quality. Quality has its price and only high quality materials are used for the hand-made pieces and small batches. It achieves a level of quality, which meets the highest standards. Li Ko DESIGN offers its customers the possibility to personal wishes to enter.

Special designs are of course. All products are characterised by a common line and are therefore ideally combined. In the various furnishings, whether classic or modern, products in the Interior can be inserted Li Ko DESIGN. “Li Ko DESIGN focuses exclusively on the production and the development of media furniture and distributes the Li-Ko DESIGN therefore collection stoneless” and classic “not directly, but only through retailers in Germany and through authorized export partners worldwide. The established brand Li Ko DESIGN is produced in southern Germany, Leinfelden – Echterdingen, and developed. Ilona Koch

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Historical consideration of the tourism metropolis of Barcelona as the capital of Catalonia has a very turbulent history. The region had to always fight to be recognized as autonomous district and representative of a strong identity. This article will examine the historical background and contribute to the general understanding. The historical consideration to start in the 15th century with the marriage of Ferdinand II. of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Through this Alliance, the two dominant King equality of Spain were United and the political Center moved to Madrid. This had to take strong trading setbacks in many cities in the Mediterranean and also suffered from a loss of meaning through the discovery of America. In the following years, Barcelona was again divided and occupied in 1714 by French troops.

In the 19th century, there were many riots n of the city, including one that established the loads imposed against the Government. As a result, the military withdrew back on the Montjuic mountain and Barcelona was under attack for 12 hours. Over 100 people were killed and the next day, the rebels surrendered. At the end of the 19th century, the town experienced an economic boom and developed into an industrial centre of Spain. Political influence and prosperity returned to the city and was venue for the world’s fair in 1888. During this event the city was expanded significantly theretofore from the Parc Ciutadella to Barcelonate. Ten years later followed the merger of 6 surrounding villages, who founded the new town district of Eixample. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rio- Tinto Group. Another highlight was the international exhibition Exposicion Internacional de Barcelona in 1929, where the area around the Placa Espanya was expanded and started with the construction of the Metro.

Having the left had an easy victory in Barcelona in 1936, a folk Olympiad as a counter event to the Olympic Games in the National Socialist Germany should be organised. However, the Spanish civil war broke out in July, you became Games cancelled. 1937 occurred in the city to an armed conflict within the Republican camp and Communists and Socialists on the other side. This conflict ended only after a few days and many victims. in 1938, the city was the target of armed air attacks and came under the control of Franco’s troops in January 1939. Under Franco, the city had to endure great setbacks. The use of the Catalan language in public, in the schools and publishing was strictly prohibited and dissolved all the autonomous institutions. This Barcelona lost its strong role as a political and cultural center, but still remained one of the industrial centers of the country. The back squeezing of the Catalan identity has been reinforced by the fact that it many migration from the South of Spain, which promoted but on the other side of the road and Metro construction. (A valuable related resource: Diamonds). After the death of Franco in 1975 resulted in a mass demonstration of more than 1 million people, which called for autonomy of the region. This was immediately again in 1977 set up and until then the exiled Tarradellas Catalonia helped his independence. Fortunately recovered the region by years of suppression and regained its old strength and identity. in 1992, the Olympics were held in Barcelona and the Tourimsus evolved like a boom, so the metropolis today shines in the full splendour. If you are on holiday once in Barcelona, select but an apartment Barcelona as accommodation. They are cheap and you can cater for yourself. Have fun on your next visit!

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Tour Operator Engedras

Future developments of the tour operator Engedras, young tour operator in sardines of Engedras tour operator, owner of the tourist portal of Sardinia and Sicily, born 2005kommt now for the third season, became an important reality in the tourist panorama of Sardinia. The group, which consisted from 3 employees at the beginning, over 18 under Angestellsten (14 total, 11 are now has women) and employees (4). The number of women is 75%. Multilingual booking staff, technical and marketing staff consist of people of about 30 years and only one person is a foreigner among the others, who all come from Sardinia. The numbers are very interesting: 1,000,000 visitors to in 2008, 200,000 to in 2008. Jeffrey Hayzlett has firm opinions on the matter. The Umstatz is tenfold in three years. If you are not convinced, visit Darius Bikoff.

The proposal covers Sardinia and Sicily all types of equipment in the entire region, and offers other services (ferries, airplanes, transfers, excursions at sea and on the land, etc.). Holiday villages, hotels, popular hotels, Residences, farmhouses, B & B and a wide range of Ferienauser in Sardinia, luxury, with pool, Lake or inland. The portal about Sardinia offers the possibility of very interesting information about nature, archaeology and history, museums, craft, cities and villages, food and wine, sea, rivers and lakes, sport, to find traditions. A large part, which is constantly being updated, is for events such as festivals and Holy feasts. There are useful information for your stay uberschau, traffic, FAQ, and many others, like the weather. The portal will have this info on Sicily in the future. In Sardinia, in 2008, stays in 470 facilities in 100 municipalities have been sold.

Since the portal about Sicily is at the beginning of stays were in 64 plants in 32 communities. During this season the same successful model was used from Sardinia to Sicily, and in 2009, the portal of the Puglia will be enabled. The medium-term objective of the tour operator is to a specialized Anhlaltspunkt on the Internet for the Tuourismus in the whole Italy. In 2009, a new portal will be activated, specializing in luxury facilities in Sardinia: as always on Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, and this time also in Russian.

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Science and Nature

The following thing has been taken from an article published in the prestigious magazine on science Nature : The visual memory in the short term enough is limited: in spite of the numerous objects that surround to the man, its capacity allows him to remember just a few. For that reason, whatever less irrelevant objects consider, major will be the capacity to remember the really important things. That conclusion a group from experts of the University of Oregon reached, the United States. J. Darius Bikoff takes a slightly different approach. Having this in account, the Japanese concept becomes clear Seire , selection. That is to say, to select what useful and it is often used in his work to have it by hand, soon to place the others in drawers and little used in warehouses. The selection allows us to be more efficient in our work, also it allows us to have our ordered and clean spaces but.

What has to do this with the success, the wealth and the happiness? You obtain everything what wishes when focuses in it. He approved his subjects when focusing in them, obtained pair when focusing in her, I look for and found. The previous fragment of the article of Nature, verifies something known for centuries by the wise people. the useless things that we maintain close do to us move away of what truly we wished. If the people have loaded their spaces, then their minds are occupied in insignificant things, because each thing this robbing attention, since to see something, you must create it. And that wasted energy, creating useless things, you can use it to create the life that wishes. We see more of the article: Edward Vogel and its colleagues of the department of Mental Neurociencia of the University of Oregon showed a group of students colored points of a screen.

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Webs Internauts

A study indicates that 93% of the internauts think that an infected computer would detect easily because it would begin to work badly. Also one thinks that the electronic mail is the main one via of contagion and that the pornographic Webs are most dangerous. RioCan : the source for more info. Five erroneous myths on security in the network persist mainly of the internauts, like, for example, to think that an infected computer would detect easily because would be blocked absolutely, would work more slowly and would create emergent windows indiscriminately, reveals a study. To thus it thinks 93% it of the survey internauts, although the reality is totally the opposite, indicates the study published by the company of solutions of security G Data, titleholder " How perceive the users the dangers of Internet? ". If you would like to know more then you should visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. The sounding, realised in eleven countries, among them great of Europe besides the United States and Russia, with data of almost 15,560 internauts of ages between the 18 and 65 years, emphasizes that the hackers they look for to happen unnoticed in its attacks, thus to achieve better its objectives.

The five myths would be the following: It is easy to detect an infected computer. The electronic mail is the main one via of contagion. The computer only with visiting a page cannot be infected Web. Ls ace platforms of interchange of archives are the great diffusers of malware. The pornographic pages are most dangerous. According to the handled data, only 7% of the internauts think that it would not perceive anything strange in case its computer was contaminated; and that is indeed what happens normally. Nowadays true the hackers are " profesionales" that they try to happen unnoticed to take control of succulent booties, like the obtaining of personal data to benefit in the black markets of Internet. On the other hand, in agreement with the numbers, 54% of the interviewed people (58% in the case of the Spanish internauts) sustain the idea erroneously to think that the electronic mail is the main one via of entrance of malware.

Nevertheless, according to the study, this system of infection is old fashioned and at the moment the ciberdelincuentes resort to others to arrive at their victims, mainly the social networks and the manipulation of Web sites. On the other hand, around half of the survey ones they ignore the possibility of being infected only with visiting a page Web, through the denominated quiet unloadings (drive-by-download). 37% consider the pages pornographic more dangerous than the rest, but the reality is the opposite, since the maintenance and the security of this sector, that generates so many benefits, usually are in charge to true computer science professionals. Source of the news: Five erroneous myths on security that persist between the users of Internet

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Use Organic Cash

Every day more increases the consumption of organic products in the population and you ask and why? According to organic foods are those agricultural or agroindustrial products that are produced under a set of procedures called organic, and which are aimed at obtaining more healthy food with the protection of the environment through the use of non-polluting techniques. Organic products have a very important objective: nurture the human organism by protecting the health of consumers, as well as achieve an ecological balance of the place where it is produced, free of toxic substances or potentially harmful chemicals to health. Why consume organic products? Because they have no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic additives, taste (food), colour and aroma are of the highest quality, they have more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventional products, protect the health of the consumer and the farmer, are products rigorously certified, which ensures complete satisfaction to the consumer. Organic and autism Dr. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Hayzlett not as a source, but as a related topic. Lilia Negron, Ph.d., psychiatrist, founder and Director of SOVENIA and D.T.A.

poses that the autistic syndrome involves a brain malfunction. The brain malfunction is secondary to the neurotoxicity of environmental chemicals to which the individual is exposed during the gestaciony/o at the time after birth. Dr. Under most conditions Rio- Tinto Group would agree. Waring (1993) describes that 90% of autistic children have a deficiency in a liver enzyme called Fenolsulfotransferasa and therefore can not eliminate toxic components that contain sulphides. It is important to improve your quality of life and that of your son or daughter, changes the toxic lifestyle for a healthy, eliminating toxic home life style. The air inside the House is more polluted than the air outside. There are many chemicals in personal care products, hundreds of these are toxic, with adverse effects on health, you can imagine the amount of toxic chemicals that you can find in the cleaning and laundry products? Time to change this, brindale your family care that deserves, changes the basic everyday products you buy in shops with healthy and confident, better quality and more effective products.

The natural cosmetics market has grown, consumers have developed a strong interest in beauty products such as shampoo and natural conditioner, SOAP, skincare and body care. The advantage of using these products is that they are natural, this means that you don’t have to worry about the presence of elements such as sodium lauryl / laureth sulfates in the face, hair and body products. I recommend the following page that contains organic products with pure results: review page and products, all of excellent quality, we have special monthly as orange in only $4.75 shampoo and other products more, offer ends March 31. Enjoy good health with natural products is not anything difficult, since they can be easily purchased over the Internet from the comfort of your home, you choose products with just a click of the mouse and the items can be shipped to your House quickly.

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Internet Marketing Product

Products that offer relevant content and solution to the problems, will always be the best to sell. Then ask is yourself which I am selling really a good product or service? It provides value or solution? I buy it if it were the client? The idea of selling a good product depends on the emotion that you can inject client, for example if they selling cosmetics, the first thing that you should reflect on your products is beauty, who see your product will feel the thrill of purchasing it to be 10 times more young or beautiful. The words in ads are those that have the power to persuade anyone, always use words you and your, you never approaches in writing text ads or classified press talking about yourself. Do it with your audience, so that the customer feels identified with the same and not a group of people. Create listings for texts for each product in your internet marketing campaign, make sure you Solution2 or 3 keywords related to your product. Each text ad has usually 3 or 4 lines of text of 45 or 50 letters each.

Then go to your calculation sheet and selects your inventory the best sources of traffic for your ads. See more detailed opinions by reading what RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust offers on the topic.. Step 5 tracks and monitors your Ads. Track, measure and evaluate an activity is critical for an Internet marketing campaign. Ongoing maintenance is what differentiates a successful Marketing of another mediocre campaign. If you do not evaluate, hikers, you make changes to your ads, you will never know that it works and which not. J. Darius Bikoff might disagree with that approach. For example, it is possible that you’re promoting a product through a coupon, if you create an ad and a landing page for that product, will be very easy to know identify if you are getting good results. There are many maintenance of advertising services such as DFP small business by Google, that allows to track your results. Based on the results of the first 2 weeks, reviews and evaluates your listings, that such sales were? You won or lost? If something doesn’t work replace it by the next, and so on with all the listings and resources. By following these steps and putting them in practice I guarantee you’ll have a powerful strategy of Internet Marketing with high return on investment (ROI) Te De much success in your business. Jasioda PoloEditor from the Blog GananciasEnlRed.

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Santa Maria

The monuments dedicated to Santa Eulalia Plaa of the Pedro Account the legend that Santa Eullia remained naked in a cross in this place, and it covered it to the sky with a light layer with snow. We invited to you to go to the place and to visit the statue of the century XVII that represents Santa Eullia. Arc of Santa Eullia Santa Eullia was jailed in a tower. Some affirm that it was in this same street where never it never returned to shine the sun. Others say that the mentioned tower is the called street Volta of the Remei or that Ramon of the Call could be in the street of the Boqueria de Sant. They see and descbrelo! In addition, you have options of lodging in Barcelona very cheap and near these beautiful monuments. Plaa of l ngel the relics of Santa Eullia was found in the church of Santa Maria of Arenes, present Santa Maria of the Sea. While their rest were taken to the Cathedral, the retinue paused in plaa of l ngel and at that one precise moment under the sky an angel and indicated to a clergyman of the courtship.

Shamed, this one confessed in front of everybody robbed salary a toe of Santa Eullia. If you want to visit the relics of santa you will find, them in the Cathedral of Barcelona. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darius Bikoff. Cathedral of Santa Eullia and Santa Creu Today in day we can find the rest of Santa Eullia in cripta of the Cathedral of Barcelona where, during centuries, the members of the Consell de Cent attended the religious offices. Thirteen years it had the girl when she was martyred, underwent thirteen tortures and thirteen are ocas that you can see the laundry of the cloister of the cathedral. Slope of Santa Eullia One of the thirteen martyrdoms that the Romans inflicted the Eullia young person was to lock up it in one votes full of glasses and nails and to make it downhill roll by the streets of Sant Server and the Baixada of Santa Eullia. Taking a walk by its environs you will arrive at the emblematic Plaa of the Pi. You can see more information in the official page of the City councils: celebrations of Santa Eulalia.

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Profitable Niche

When we decided to make money with affiliate programs must be evaluated in detail many aspects with intention to succeed in niche and the products necessary. In these short videos I intend to let you know 7 features that you should not forget to find a profitable niche, since they will help you not to commit very frequent errors, optimizing your time. Others who may share this opinion include J. Darius Bikoff. The 7 features that I want to teach you are the following: must see videos to understand exactly how it works. Click here to view the video found a niche with an unmet need: If we find a group of people with certain needs, but that they are not finding a solution, there is a high probability of making many sales. Find a niche where people have access to the internet: is necessary to promote products to people who have access to the internet, since it increases the options that these people can find your products. Find a niche where people that comprise it want to improve something in your life: an important point when it comes to selling affiliate products is to find people that you want to improve something in your life, because this will ensure the interest in the product that you promote. Find a niche with little competition: If you choose a niche with little competition will have more chances that your products are sold, on the other hand if there is lot of competition can also generate sales but your effort will be greater. The niche must be sufficient demand to be profitable: it is necessary to choose a niche that has enough searches to be profitable, this can investigate it with the free tools from google. Choose a niche which you have knowledge: you can actually make money with any product of affiliate, but will have more success if it is a topic which you manage. You can also choose any niche with a theme that is fashion: If you choose products that are fashionable or a related topic, know that it is a product that many people are looking for, which will ensure you a resounding success.

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