I did this and created a platform on which the LIVE will be procured in real time at the negotiating table. The whole is enriched with a little conversation (chat, thrill, skill and uncertainty, making the ordering party at the table, etc.) and the portal was”born. Yet the principle is very simple: the customer (AG) is a job, pretending the upper price limit (the limit) and sets a starting price. The limit is not published and remains the secret of the customer! From the initial price of it goes go (such as on eBay) and the contractor (AN) can move the procurement price towards the limit through the use of PayPokis (chips). Each PayPoki moves the procurement price to 1,-euro (for normal orders), but currently only 0.10 euros.

Each map / AG can be represented at the negotiating table by the Butler, which automatically emits offers on the table. You have so don’t really live to sit at the table, to negotiate the procurement price”. The order is always awarded between starting price and limit. Saving of the AG (approx. 10-50%) is the difference between its limit and the achieved award price.

The contractor can make more money by clever tactics and must pay in contrast to the popular Unterbiet portals no commissions or monthly premiums. Only the PayPokis (chips) currently cost 0.10 per piece, bring more in the war chest 0.90 euros but in the order, because Yes the procurement rises to 1,-euro. I mean – so actually both sides should be satisfied the customer saves money in the procurement and the contractor can make more money because he pays no commissions or monthly payments and there is also no price dumping. is exactly what happens every day in real life to the negotiation of this world in the procurement so in the core. That should make it quite accurately but the nerve of the times. Lutz Bachmann AUFTRAGsPOKER GmbH & Co.KG Zakri route 12, 38465 Brome Tel. 01805-988-200 (0.14 / min from German landline, max. 0, 42 / min mobile networks) Internet: E-Mail: Amtsgericht Braunschweig: HRA 200678 tax no.: 19/201/65808 VAT-ID: DE 262 113 912 personally liable partner: AP Verwaltungs-GmbH, Brome Amtsgericht Braunschweig: HRB 201419 tax no.: 19/201/65816 represented by managing directors: Lutz Bachmann

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