PCN Language

Among the objectives PCN’ are distinguished (; s, 1998): To understand that the geographic knowledge that they had acquired throughout the escolaridade are part of the construction of its citizenship, therefore the men construct, if they always appropriate and they interact with the geographic space nor of equal form; To create a communicative language, assuming itself of elements of the used graphical language in the cartographic representations; To recognize the importance of a responsible attitude of care with the way where they live, preventing wastefulness and perceiving the cares that if must have in the preservation and the conservation of the nature. To understand the multiple interactions between society and nature in the territory concepts, place and region, being explicitando that, of its interaction, results the identity of the landscapes and places; To understand the espacialidade and the temporality of the geographic phenomena, studied in its dynamic and interactions; To make readings of images, data and documents of different sources of information, in way that it interprets, it analyzes and it relates information on the territory and the places and the different landscapes; In century XXI more they are focados in the use of the computer science that facilitates to the agreement of the formation and transformation of the space as these objectives below place (PCN’ s, 1998): To use the graphical language to get information and to represent the espacialidade of the geographic phenomena; To fortify the meaning of the cartography as a language form that of identity to Geography, showing that it presents itself as a form of reading and register of the espacialidade of the facts, of its daily one and of the world; To create conditions so that the pupil can start, from its locality of the daily one of the place, to construct its idea of the world, valuing Also the imaginary one that it has of it.. .

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