PE Film

Comprehensive market introduction in the spring on the IDS 2009 in Cologne a tooth cleaning by means of air flow application brought so far for the patients not only a radiant smile, but also inadvertently bright facial discoloration in the base of the hair. The large powder and liquid wetting in the air flow treatment can hardly avoid, but the newly developed facial protection the company tree Cosmeditec protect the patients in the future. A perfect face and body protection is ensured by the double-sided absorbent pulp towels in conjunction with a moisture retentive intermediate PE film. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. More features, such as tensile strength and the special cloth holder through an ear fixation as well as folding Augenabdeckun-gen, also offer a high level of patient comfort and optimum treatment conditions. The new air flow patents face protection cloth dental is distributed by tree Cosmeditec, Europe direct, or ask your local depot dealer. Gladly we advise you on the International dental show in Cologne. Tree Cosmeditec S.L.., signed – Jurgen Baum

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