PNL Tics

These people frequently fight with serious social difficulties. In some cases, a person can learn to identify the beginning and to replace the impulse that cause that the face tic. Even this, nevertheless, can get to be emotional and psychologically exhausting. These people often fight with problems of own image also. The adults who they obtain lightening of the effects dying of faces and face tics, can undergo a new social connection. Its perception of themselves is changed, and no longer they fear to undergo the life to the maximum. The young people who surpass the effects of this condition can be released of the death tension that makes difficult its social life, and in the childhood joy instead of psychic pain can be experimented. Sometimes, medecines, such as the slight sedatives, are prescribed for this condition.

Although medecines can diminish the incidence of these symptoms, medecines can often cause not wished indirect effect. Due to this, many people have resorted to alternative treatments to help in the treatment of their condition. Two alternative therapies that have demonstrated a great potential to help the people to surpass the face nervous tics are hypnosis and PNL (Programacin Neuro-Linguistic). These therapies are based on the force of the subconscious mind of the person to help to reorient the spasm. These treatments try to identify source of the difficulty that takes part in the unconscious one where the problem is originated, and much more offers a hope close to the success, that the traditional therapies, which they only try to control the blinking of the tics in the mouth, the eyes blinking, face faces, gruidos tics of, or other types of impulsive behavior. The hipnoterapia helps the person who is treated to enter a state of rest critical moment and to receive suggestions that allow to release the anxiety them. Because the tics are the result of accumulated anxiety in the body of a person, the liberation of the tension will allow them to manage the spasm successfully. After several sessions, the client must be able to demonstrate the capacity to handle the tension successfully.

The therapists who use the PNL to help the client to center their conscious will to use the estresantes stimuli like new conduits for the thoughts that help him to relax. In addition, the person to whom teaches itself to him to use a part of the body nonrelated, like a toe, to express the anxiety, it would replace the way has been expressing through face tic. Through use of this technique, the person will allow itself to handle the tension without resorting to a humiliating conduct. Another advantage of this, is that the client does not have the indirect effect that other medecine therapies usually leave. Therefore, as much hypnosis and PNL frequently are considered like the ideal treatment for the people who suffer of nervous tics in the nose, the throat, etc., and because these therapies will not have not wished physical or social indirect effect. This would alleviate to much pain and suffering for the affected person. Summary: face tics are often socially destructive and can give rise to extreme consequences. The children are more prone to show this difficulty, that can last until the adult age, but the children also can have difficulties with this. Although several methods of treatment are available, hypnosis and PNL seem to be the safest treatments, because they do not give rise to undesirable indirect effect and are very effective.

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