Points Of Crochet: Point Low For Amigurumi

This low point or half a point, is one of the most primary points of crochet and always the most used in our amigurumi. A task made only with that kind of point, give us as a product a tissue to crochet thick and solid. It is precisely what will seek to weave those amigurumi and thus not that filling that we put in the inside you will appreciate. Takes its name from low point or medium point. In our samples of crochet, abbreviated we must find it such as p.baj., p.b. or mp.

We can even find it such as s.c. or S.c., abbreviation of its name in English, single crochet. In major crochet charts and patterns of Japan, that you could almost say that the inventors of the amigurumi, would be we find him represented by an or the cross or plus sign. By its tight plot used as a base for weaving slightly less hard or much more loose points. It is even, the points for the crochet, which most use to generate amigurumis, perhaps combined with other points. If you want to realize a tissue to crochet with that point, in the home will create a lockstitch or chain to serve as support for our first row of low points. This low point needs to make a point of chain most of which we want to weave.

That point more works to raise the next line of points in crochet. Everytime we finish a row, we have to do a chain stitch before to return to the tissue. In the same string we will not make another point. Low point or half point if we do the first low point or half point, put the hook in the second point of that string. We drag the thread and extract crochet through the it. At that moment you will obtain two curls inward of crochet. We again engaged the strand and extract it through those two loops. And ready! When we finish the round, we will make the chain before turning the work. Let’s not forget the way to easier to weave our amigurumi is in round, therefore as basis we have to start that way. We have articles that explain these tissues to crochet for the amigurumi especially and also explained that this sympathetic amigurumi word means small plush knit to crochet. We invite you to see them in our blog by clicking: let us your story with us!

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