With increasing air density haze or cloud cover is changing the size of this glowing region, its color and the degree of orientation from which depends on the sharpness of contour shadows. When shooting on location fill light is created mostly cloudless blue sky and clouds of sites that reflect sunlight. However, space is filled with removable and diffused light reflected from the earth's surface and surrounding objects. Therefore, when shooting on location there is a wide variety of color relations for areas that are illuminated top and bottom filling light. Sculpting light, which clearly reveals (simulates) the form of the subject, plays an important role in portraits. The same light highlights promising change tone and color removed objects.

On-location modeling light to create, as a rule, additional light sources, various kinds of reflecting screens, lights, lenses. Since the modeling light is formed additional sources, the color can be modified using filters or colored retro-reflective screens and light-scattering grids. To select items of the first plan, to distinguish them from the background light circuit, apply outline light. It creates a veil of light, and thus emphasizes the aerial perspective. On-location contoured light special light sources are only rarely. More likely to use backlit sunlight. Background light on the nature formed by filling the sky with light, and the unshaded areas and more direct sunlight.

For location filming, it is important to the sky with clouds in most cases could serve as a background color. When shooting on color film is important to consider: tsvetotenevye relation to objects (brightness and color contrasts sites, as well as the blurring of contours shadows); greyscale and color ratio plots sky falling into the frame; tsvetoperspektivnye relations that determine the depth of field and color images. These three types of color ratios of full-scale coverage depends on the position of the sun above the horizon and the atmosphere, as well as the type of aerial haze and its density, the type and density of the clouds. By photographing on location photography in and understood interior in natural light, whose source may be light coming from windows. Possible natural light due to reflections of light from the objects of the situation.

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