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In today's world Souvenirs occurs in many areas. At work, we are writing pens with company logo, for the holidays we present a variety of souvenirs. The range of souvenirs is wide and diverse. It can be attributed to the banal and the charm and original watch manufacturers of the world. Well, the production of souvenirs rather complex process that requires certain skills. Here for example mug with a logo that could be easier. But in fact this is a very complicated process.

Let's imagine that we have a common ceramic knob, but it is also banal. To make of it an interesting and a beautiful thing it is necessary to put the logo. What to do this? For the production of mugs with a logo, there are several ways: decal, silk printing, pad printing and sublimation. Today we consider a method of manufacturing souvenir mugs in this case as a decal. What is decal? Decal comes in two types hot and cold. Simply put the decal is to transfer the image on the object with decal. The printed image on special paper with lacquer and then soaked in water and transferred to the cup as in our case. In this process dekolirovanie ends if it is cold decal.

At the same hot process is the same here only after all of the previous procedure of the circle is placed in a special kiln, and the resulting image is resistant to abrasion, we can say that it is eternal and lives up to the end with a mug. Decal – this is method allowing to put the image of any complexity on any surface. So perhaps we have a wonderful souvenir in the form of circles. And thanks to that dekolirovanie is possible to use an unlimited tsvetosovmescheniya number, from the banal mug, you can create very beautiful and colorful gift. Also dekolirovaniya method can be applied to plastic surfaces. Here's an example to do with Christmas balls interesting pictures and much more. And of course the need to address the main factor – safety. Decal refers to environmentally sound technologies, the decoration of dishes. But it is worth considering that the decal applies only to medium and large print runs of production of souvenirs. Since the method is fairly labor intensive and requires time-consuming. If you want to make a gift in the form of a single instance, then there an intrinsic method of applying the logo as pad printing or sublimation.

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