Providing Housing To Citizens Of Ukraine

So, in 1986, a citizen was sent to work. As an intern he was immediately taken to an apartment allowance for housing. After that, he was granted a temporary stay accommodation in a hostel with small families, total area of 35.5 sq. km. m. In 1998, the national housing free privatized. Family citizen consisted of 4 men who up to this time it actually live.

On this issue, a private lawyer and the lawyer has provided legal consultation. Rules of registration of citizens in need of better housing, and providing them with accommodation in the Ukrainian SSR of 11 December 1984 470 established that the housing of citizens is carried out within 13.65 square meter of living space per person, but not less than the average level of security of citizens living area in this village. The premises provided for citizens of all family members who are with him on the housing lists and to children born after its capture on record, and his wife (husband), who later moved in to the living space occupied by spouses who are registered. It follows that provided premises does not meet the established requirements, and the citizen and his family are still in need of better housing conditions and housing. Paragraph 54 of the Rules also provides that, in some cases at the request of citizens, consisting on the housing register (especially those that occurred on the order of housing), and the citizens enjoy the right of the extraordinary housing, in order of time to improve their living conditions may be granted to premises are smaller than the average level of providing citizens with housing in the locality while preserving the right of residence, respectively, registered in the lists or the list pervoocherednikov vneocherednikov. Thus, for such premises does not entail removal of the citizen with the housing account and does not remove the obligation to ensure its housing that meets the requirements of Art. 48 and 50 of the Housing Code of Ukraine.

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