Puchuncavi Center

Pollution by heavy metals is a very serious environmental problem that has had important effects on the health of the population through generations, especially in children. The community of farmers and fishermen of Puchuncavi, is characterized by adverse effects of pollutants on the health and ecosystems (saturated zone by materials particulates in the atmosphere-DS 152/93-Plan of decontamination – 2005); where more than thirty years the population is victim of toxic pollution. Breathing problems and lead poisoning, and other pollutants are particularly widespread in the area. Various studies show that almost all the children are contaminated with unacceptable levels of lead. However, authorities, companies and the State doing little to reduce emissions or to remedy the damage caused to the environment as its inhabitants; (21 thousand inhabitants) by decades of uncontrolled operation sufferers poisoning, due to industrial projects on the coast of the V Region and particularly in the communes of Quintero and Puchuncavi (Chile-68 km to the North of Valparaiso) to establish sustainable or ecological communes, the comudad of Puchuncavi, unify criteria and carry out strategies as a guarantee of future to care for and preserve communes (ecological suppliers); both economic and ecological security fundamentally based on nature, the environment and the health of the people, to end safeguard new and continuous pollutants effects; requiring the State environmental impact studies, as well as new business projects be reviewed to develop in the area, including the installation of a Terminal of Quintero liquefied natural gas, installation of a new thermoelectric power plant and the expansion of Windows cast. Only in Puchuncavi commune facilities in a total of ten businesses are: Aes Gener, port Windows, Cemento Melon, Catamutun, Panimex S.A., Ventanas division, Codelco Gasmar, mining Montecarmelo, Oxiquim and Cordex. At the end of the 19th century and early 20th, the coastal area of the region V; it supplied for decades to throughout Chile by sea and land, from treasures being Puchuncavi Center of agricultural, tourist activities and artisanal fisheries. . In recent months, Goop has been very successful.

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