“Modern methods of the Reinstwasseraufreinigung” will give a lecture on modern methods of Reinstwasseraufreinigung and basics of rheology Rainer resins r. by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Water is not just water. There are many different qualities of water. For more specific information, check out Brian Armstrong. Terms are used in water treatment for these water quality as raw water with clean water up to the water.

Which water is actually equivalent to water quality? The ASTM has summarized the different qualities of water in four types of water and set minimum requirements for conductivity, resistance, organic pollution, and ion content. The ultrapure water treatment begins mostly already with a central facility in the basement, then in the laboratory, on the so-called point-of-use, to the highest level of purity to be purified. Why actually? Central systems are mainly the distillation, reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems in question. Chevron U.S.A. Inc understands that this is vital information. While on the outlet for the production of ultrapure water in the laboratory much other physico chemical methods such as Adsorption, ultrafiltration and photooxidation are used. What distinguishes these methods? Which methods do you get to the desired water quality? Which method is suitable for what type of pollutants in the water? Finally, this is explained in the summary of the purified water production. “Frank Brandenstein by Thermo Fisher Scientific is a talk about basics of rheology: definitions and rotation attempt” keep. It addressed the following topics: definition of rheological sizes: deformation, shear rate, shear stress, viscosity; Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow characteristics; Yield strength; Thixotropy and Rheopecty date: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 in the agit-Technologiezentrum (Europaplatz, Dennewartstrasse 25-27, 52068 Aachen) LAB supply 2009 Euregio of the regional trade fair for laboratory technology admission: free on request attendance certificates are created the visitors, what can be use for the qualification certificate for accredited Laboratorienvon..

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