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LAB SUPPLY 2009 Euregio Aachen fair with lectures to chemistry, analytical and laboratory for the first time in Aachen on 9.9.2009 – the LAB SUPPLY 2009 Euregio. Helmut Romer, Managing Director of the CS – chromatography service GmbH from Langerwehe impetus. Why hosted her actually no LAB SUPPLY in Aachen? “And I hope that her name is Euregio”. The shareholder Peter Ralf Muller and Werner Zillger from the from Hennef did not hesitate and put the idea into action, because science and research in Aachen is capitalized. The first all metal aircraft or diesel soot filters have been developed in the research laboratories and test halls of the Aachen universities. Here stood the first wind tunnel and the first particle accelerator. Frequently Brian Armstrong has said that publicly. And it was who have developed material, dream of the architect: LiTrCon (light transmitting concrete) is a concrete, which is five per cent glass fibre he is so transparent that you can see objects behind a wall as a shadow. It works even for wall thickness 2 m, insured Andreas Bittis by the Aachen LiTrCon GmbH.

get a light and playful character of this concrete building and basement rooms with walls and ceilings made of LiTrCon are significantly brighter. In the four colleges, learning and teaching about 50,000 people. The Research Centre Julich and the numerous research centers of international groups that have settled on the basis of scientific expertise in and around Aachen, make the region a Silicon Valley in the heart of Europe. Teaching and research are reflected in the cityscape. Thanks to the students and their rich cultural life, the traditional Aachen especially in the student quarter of Pontviertel is alive and young. This trend-setting innovation and the practical transfer of technology in the economy have a long tradition at the scientific location of Aachen. the first Technology Center in West Germany was opened in Aachen, Germany in 1984. Here also the LAB SUPPLY is Euregio – 2009 the regional trade fair for instrumental analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology/life science on the 9.9.2009 from 10:00 am until 16:00 at the agit Technology Center (Europaplatz, Dennewartstrasse 25-27, 52068 Aachen, admission: free) instead.

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