Revolutionary Politics

However, to think that the look on the past hinders the development them events and that the historical errors must be forgotten is not to perceive that the loss of the past is equivalent to the tragic privation of felt in the existence human being: ' ' destroying the supports material of the memory, the capitalist society blocked the ways of the souvenir, pulled out its landmarks and erased its rastros' '. (BOSI, 1994:19) the monitoring and the control established for the military regimen, inside of the logic of the national security implanted by the military blow of 1964 were enormous: entities of the civil society, spaces of sociability and culture, public performance of 5 personalities Brochure of the Communist Party of Brazil. The Resistance Armed of the Araguaia. Collection Revolutionary Politics. Editions Red flag. s/d: 33. 12 critical ones, all the fabric social and the public spaces virtually were watched as well as the Press, in particular ' ' The Alternativa&#039 press; ' , ' ' that militar&#039 had as common trace the intransigent opposition to the regimen; ' , (KUCINSKI.

1991: IX). Off of the dominant politics, this line of the Press if presented as a space to denounce the tortures and breakings of the human rights, also criticizing the economic model. The Brazilian military regimen, as of remaining portion other Latin American dictatorships, was concentrated in watching and controlling the press, ' ' the military device distinguished alternative periodicals from, pursuing them and submitting the ones that they judged more important to a special regimen, the excessively harsh one, of censorship prvia' ' , (KUCINSKI. 1991: XIV), conducted for a demobilization logic politics of the society as a pledge of ' ' peace social' '. In this direction, these regimes could be characterized as authoritarian, therefore its performance turned toward the control of the information, preserving certain forms of private individual freedom.

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