San Pedro Judge

One farmer noted that the crops of the canary, man voluntarily acquires at no cost that has the gold grains of wheat of the canary in your heart will long-suffering that comes from the product of wisdom. I said, let me tell you a parable to be interpreted much better. They gave an opportunity that San Pedro was worried because I had to judge the writers. __ I have not yet tried any writer, because soon I want to put the decree are literary critics on earth do their banners saying, the history of this man person . As well they say: a Que the narrator and the poet are descendants of great men and born in large cities, educated in prestigious universities, but the troubadour Fortunato was born in the town where they say God has no compassion for these men to these as Fortunato, future generations do not know, so give him death in life, a but I give applause to cheer and stay entertained with congratulations coming from the intelligentsia of the earth, he will rejoice, his friends; so happy to keep Fortunato and his friends .

AA angels of God! I need a vacation, stay you to judge the writers. __ No, no. Said Los Angeles and added with correct opinion: Check the critic as judge, now dead a great writer who has done much literary criticism to many. San Pedro was waiting, when suddenly came the soul of the letters of name: Luis Alberto Cervantes Sheskespeare.

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