School Professors

Perhaps also, according to it, without the devotion of the professors of the Rio Grande Do Sul and the Brothers Lassalistas Uruar it did not have the projection that it has today. This author mentions in a chapter the aboriginal question of Araras and the conflicts for the action of the COTRIJU and the Exporter Perachi Ltda (of Belm), in its area, the paper of omission of the Federal Government in relation to the protection of the indians, and moreover, he questions the position of the lumber in the search of enrichment to any cost. official 3.Histria For existing literature, the education of Uruar had beginning together with the formation of the urban nucleus, in 1972 with groups of 1 to 4 series. In 1978, series was implanted 5, in the Melvin School Jones, being the first school to have the series of 1 Degree. Exactly that in 1982 2 has only started Degree, in the College There Salle, with Supplementary of 2 the Degree? Normal, and Pedagogical Modulating that they prepared professors, still thus, if cannot consider that education and education in the city are new thing. In 1992, Degree appeared 2 of Accurate Sciences in the School in Regimen of Accord Educational Institute Uruar and since 1994 that professors request, of the educational authorities 3 Degree, with the creation of a University Nucleus with extension of the UFPA in the City, with Proposal of Implantation launched in the Municipal Conference on Alternative Economic Projects.

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