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The conservation of the umbilical cord blood for autologous (for own use) use in private bank is a possibility that currently exists in Spain, an activity that is regulated through the Royal Decree 1301 / 2006 of 10 November. A parent can donate it to a public bank, store it in a private bank with Spanish legislation, save it to a bank with European legislation, store it in a private outside the European Union Bank or throw away it. The Bank of cord IVIDA is a Spanish company which belongs to the Group of IVI, the higher Institute for assisted reproduction of Europe, which offers the possibility of storing the SCU in Lisbon, if the parent’s decision to allocate this unit for exclusive use, or in Madrid, if the unit is also available to any patient who might need through REDMO (Spanish registry of bone marrow donors). According to Dr. Rafael Cabrera, the problem would affect families in an indirect way, most affects companies that decide to have facilities in Spain, because that obliges them to have own facilities in countries where the storage for private use is allowed, or in any case to reach agreements with banks located in these countries. Read additional details here: RioCan . Spain currently with around 40,000 units of umbilical cord stored in banks public, being the third country in the world with more samples of this type only behind the United States and Taiwan, according to data from the national transplant organisation (ONT). To deepen your understanding RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is the source. As an alternative to public banks, in Spain there are several companies, like IVIDA, offered to store the cord in autologous private banks, where it is estimated that more than 20,000 units stored on banks of cord for a price that fluctuates between 2,000 and 3,000 euros there are.

Around 25,000 families decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private banks. Andalusia has been the first Spanish autonomous community in which, since 2006, all maternity facilities of public hospitals have the necessary authorization to extract umbilical cord blood and send it to the Bank, where it is processed for use provided that it is valid. 85 Percent of the Andalusian who decide to donate this type of hematopoietic material make it to the Bank public, while that only 15 per cent it does with destination to the private banks. Source: PR News on IVIDA IVIDA was born in 2009 and belongs to the IVI, the leading medical institution in Europe in assisted reproduction group. IVIDA collects, processes, Cryo-preserved and stored in their own facilities the stem cells from the blood of Umbilical cord (SCU) for the treatment of various diseases such as lymphomas, leukemias and anemias, with the guarantee that will be entirely managed by employees of the company, thus ensuring their traceability and full control on the process.

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