Service Torpedo

After if registering in cadastre in the site, you it will need to fill some information whenever it will be to use the service. But this is very simple, therefore the site only needs to know for which number the torpedo will be sent which the operator of the mobile telephone. The message must be written in up to 120 or 160 characters (maximum number to assign messages text shortnesss). After that, it only waits the confirmation of that its torpedo was sent successfully. To gratis send the messages for the service of torpedoes, it is necessary to connect itself to the Internet.

Today this is not plus a problem. The majority of the cellular ones already is disponibilizada with access to the Internet, therefore you do not need more to be in house or one lan house to connect itself to web. The service of torpedoes was made to facilitate the life of that they do not obtain to be without if communicating with the friends, relatives and dear people. This way of communication is considered, for many, more amused of what a linking, therefore it is possible to keep the messages that are received and to read them later, to relembrar definitive moment. The torpedoes also assist in emergency situations. When you need to speak with somebody that is in a meeting or a lesson, for example, the torpedo you help to inform the person without confusing it. He does not leave to remember its friends how much they are wanted by you. It sends torpedoes for them in creative way and it does not lose chances to say what it desires for that special person.

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