Smart Rules For Your Newsletter

Consent: Sending email newsletters without the consent of the addressee is prohibited. This applies equally to private consumers and for business customers. Anonymity: Except for the email address there must be no further mandatory fields for personal data for those interested in subscribing to your newsletter, so that anonymous use is possible. Notice: An email newsletter must have a cancellation option. These must be clearly legible at the end of each issue.

Already when ordering a newsletter the user should be pointed out clearly, that the cover of the newsletter can be cancelled at any time easily. Privacy Policy: When you save an E-Mail address or other data, you must indicate the purpose of the collection, processing and use. Linking prohibition: The consent of the user for the receipt of the newsletters may not be coupled with the consent of the provision of tele-services and the transfer of data to third parties for other purposes. User profiles: Storage of User profiles are allowed only anonymously, that is, they may not be merged with the E-Mail address. Legal notice: Your newsletter requires a correct notice of appearance with name, address, Vertretungsberechtigtem, phone number, email address, commercial register and VAT number.

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