Special Education

Thus, the Special Education if characterized for isolated actions and the attendance if it related more to visual, auditory deficiencies e, in lesser amount, to the physical deficiencies. We can say that in relation to the mental deficiency it had an almost absolute silence. At each time, the conceptions of mental deficiency reflected the expectations social of that historical moment. In this context, the conception of mental deficiency, in accordance with Jannuzzi (1992), started to englobar diverse types of children who had in common the fact to present behaviors that they divergiam consequently of those waited by the society and by the school. Under the label of deficient mental, we find indisciplinados pupils, with slow learning, abandoned for the family, carriers of organic injuries, with serious mental riots, at last all considered child outside of the standards dictated for the society as normal. In Brazil, the mental deficiency was not considered as a social threat nor as a degeneration of the species. It was attributed to the ambient misfortunes, although the belief in a organicista and pathological conception (MENDES, 1995).

Jannuzzi (1992) shows to us that the deficient defense of the education of the mental ones aimed at to the economy for the public coffers, therefore thus would prevent the segregation of these in lunatic asylums, asylums or prisons. While the movement for the institutionalization of deficient the mental ones, in some countries, was increasing with the creation of special communitarian special schools and classrooms in public schools, in our country had a deficient unconcern with the conceptualization, identification and classification of the mental ones. The decade of 30 enters and 40 observe some changes in the Brazilian education, as, for example, the expansion of primary and secondary education, the foundation of the University of So Paulo, etc. We can say that the deficient education of the mental one not yet was considered a to be decided problem.

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