Spike Lee

Clint was ciscando its destination of three distinct sources producing managing actor//, for all the decade of 50, appearing as the last one of the seriados coadjuvantes in of TV, until arriving in a good paper, and, during the summer vacations, already in the 60, the chance always appears for who persists: ' ' The Fistful of Dollars' ' , version not authorized of ' ' Yojimbo' ' (Akira Kurosawa), at the hands of a director who would go to stamp the image of caubi forever: Sergio Leone. ' ' Play Misty will be Me' ' (1971), first film directed for Clint, having in the cast the director Don Sigel. Gesture of friendship and profcua partnership, that starts in 68, with ' ' My name is Coogan' ' (' ' Coogan' s Bluff' '), directed for Don Sigel. In ' ' Play Misty.' ' , Clint also acts. Third step of the Malpaso Company, as was then called. Sense of artist mood weaves good chose. Some directors have its proper producers: Spielberg, George Lucas, Spike Lee, etc. of this last one are called, ' ' Two Acres and the Mule' ' , citation of the instigante Spike on a law that contemplated the former-slaves, after the War of Secession, given to them two acres of land, in the Flrida, and a mule.

Spike Lee never played in service. Eastwood idem. Malpaso, of the Spaniard, means bad step, or, if to prefer, one stolen, having been this the premonition of the agent of Eastwood, on the film ' ' Man with In the Name' '. Gold lips of the agent ' ' Man with ' ' it was the springboard Eastwood to make the trilogy of the Leone and if to become one ' ' marca' ' in ground American. From there for the world. Malpaso also is the name of a stream in Carmel, well known region of the director.

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