AASSOMBROSA THE PRESENT TIME OF THE FILM ' ' 7a PROFECIA' ' A film of the decade of 80 to fazestremecer the certezas of prepotent science and the courage of all, in one provade the so baffling present time how much of the Predictive Sermon its nooriginal heading in English is ' ' The Seventh Sign' ' , translated for ' ' The Seventh Profecia' ' , when it would have to be simply ' ' The Seventh Selo' ' , as it orders the Apocalypse of SoJoo. For it at the time attended who it of the launching (1988) and looks at for the mundoagora, it remains the perspective inquietante of that after all that everything is emandamento, alone that in much more violent way, and killing much more people. Comefeito, was the vision of chaotic meteorology displayed there that more it called aateno the spectators, boquiabertos with the high degree of dahistria factibilidade of Clifford Green and Carl Schultz. However the detail most important to podeter been to the edge, or until soterrado, ahead of shown so dramatical scenes how much asali, even so being a drama-chich of all the films of catastrophes eapocalipse. What will detail passed unobserved? For main foio me.

Inasmuch as the SEVENTH PROPHECY was not a film of terror or one merodrama catastrofista hollywoodiano, as as much others of the same time. What eleera then? It was and is a religious film, of most eloquent, and to podeter the defect (for me the merit) to have other people’s past to the prpriosreligiosos, whose vision obtusa not even allows to rest the eyes noutrashipteses, seno in that combines with its proper structure of crenaptrea. why it was a religious film, we go to deal with the subjects paralelosprimeiro, due to undeniable urgency of the collapse signals meteorolgicodo world. The end of the vidana land will be preceded of catastrophic occurrences in miniature ahead dasgrandes tragedies that will destroy everything in hecatombe final, and essasmini-tragedies must have a long incubation period and painful gestation, extending in elapsing of decades of prolongation of maisviolentos signals each time, culminating with a megatremor of long duration and absolutamentedefinitivo, with which we rarssimos will survive, and to only envy osmortos.

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