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Spike Lee

Clint was ciscando its destination of three distinct sources producing managing actor//, for all the decade of 50, appearing as the last one of the seriados coadjuvantes in of TV, until arriving in a good paper, and, during the summer … Continue reading


Then Juan left and he followed it to rose! Carlinhos talks with its Clio friend! Carlinhos: – Clio, who is that girl? Clio that always was to the side of Carlos observes all intently the colloquy! Clio: – it is … Continue reading

Hearing Material

Semiologia of the hearing: examination for the diapases, preliminary tonal audiometria, audiometria for by airmail and for saw timpnicos ssea, logoaudiometria, imitnciometria, impedanciometria, consequences, audiometria of cerebral trunk, eletrococleografia, otoemisses. Sonorous waves Waves (longitudinal) that they spread in air and … Continue reading