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PCN Language

Among the objectives PCN’ are distinguished (; s, 1998): To understand that the geographic knowledge that they had acquired throughout the escolaridade are part of the construction of its citizenship, therefore the men construct, if they always appropriate and they … Continue reading

Huntington America

All its posterior trips had been designed in order to launch the light on this subject. It was the inquiry of old lakes took that it for the dangerous regions of Afeganisto and for the unexplored residues of salt of … Continue reading

Basic Education

It disciplines it in I appraise has as main factor to form the teaching professional to act in the practical one of education of the day-by-day pertaining to school one, understanding the educational process through acquired basic knowledge in the … Continue reading

Work Foundation

One justifies that the present intitled work: ‘ ‘ The population of the industrial Quarter: Challenges of the Past and the Gift, ‘ ‘ research that shows the importance of the sprouting of the Quarter due to installation of industries, … Continue reading