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Revolutionary Politics

However, to think that the look on the past hinders the development them events and that the historical errors must be forgotten is not to perceive that the loss of the past is equivalent to the tragic privation of felt … Continue reading

Major Prates

The necessity to keep its origins sends to the formation and social transformation of the montesclarense population, that it searchs to preserve the past in the human being for the construction of the identity and the valuation of its origin. … Continue reading

Corporeal Properties

Moreover, the domain bourgeois consolidated a new style of life based on the ownership of corporeal properties objects, fabrics, furniture status signals and wealth. All this process was made possible thanks to the new social division of the work and … Continue reading

School Professors

Perhaps also, according to it, without the devotion of the professors of the Rio Grande Do Sul and the Brothers Lassalistas Uruar it did not have the projection that it has today. This author mentions in a chapter the aboriginal … Continue reading