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Current Publishing

Henry Remak defines comparative literature is the study of literature beyond the borders of a particular country in and the study of the relation between literature and another area of knowledge or opinion, including art, painting, politics, sculpture etc, the … Continue reading

Increase, Reduction In Rent And Associated Costs. What Landlord

Uncertainty for landlords, rent should be increased if they are confronted with Mietminderungen due to apartment defects and costs account in about half of all bills of costs is not correct; so the German tenants Association. However just the tenant … Continue reading

Scarlet Letter

N. Hawthorne makes the junction of literature (fiction) with the power conducted for the American puritanismo, based in empirismo. This explains because until today the Scarlet Letter it is a world-wide classic, considered the biggest romance of American literature. In … Continue reading


Today I wrote some texts and I lost all they, gave one pane in the computer, I confess that in this day it was inhaled, I made the texts with my soul, penalty that I lost all they. It takes … Continue reading

Woman Of My Dreams

I search a woman who brings me affection, friendship, love and ternura. That she is a beautiful woman. when I speak of beauty I do not only search that skin with I smell of petals, a mouth that is as … Continue reading