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Petersburg Alexander Column

Alexander Column and the Alexander Column was erected in 1834 by the architect Auguste de Montferrand by order of Nicholas I to commemorate the victory of his elder brother Alexander I of Napoleon. Specifications: Overall height buildings – 47.5 m. … Continue reading


With increasing air density haze or cloud cover is changing the size of this glowing region, its color and the degree of orientation from which depends on the sharpness of contour shadows. When shooting on location fill light is created … Continue reading

Church Wedding

Agree, see the photographs of two newlyweds with frightened faces, stand at attention, get run over. Herself shooting all the wedding pictures can be divided into mandatory and arbitrary. Required – this is, first and foremost, staff at the registry … Continue reading

Canon EOS

Of course, when bystrouskolzayuschem story should use auto focus (if any), and probably no time to mess around with switching focus areas. Better to leave the central narrow band (to avoid overlaps and errors), and drove the main object in … Continue reading