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Small, Robust, Intelligent: Adaptive Solution In Miniature Format

PI ceramic presents the latest developments in the field of piezo: P-876.SP1, the smallest version of the patented DurAct surface actuators. A thin Piezoelectric ceramic sheet with only 0.2 mm thickness is used for building a robust item which can … Continue reading

Wolfgang Schwalm

Application including, as two consecutive numbers representing each numerator and denominator of a fraction this episode serves in leaf position teaching indicates the angle between each other standing leaves on a stem. This projected levels of leaf in a level. … Continue reading


“Modern methods of the Reinstwasseraufreinigung” will give a lecture on modern methods of Reinstwasseraufreinigung and basics of rheology Rainer resins r. by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Water is not just water. There are many different qualities of water. For more specific … Continue reading

Change Unit

David against Goliath of young technology companies successfully fights against counterfeiting the topic of piracy around the world represents an enormous challenge for companies from a wide range of sectors. Experts estimate the share of counterfeiting world trade already on … Continue reading

IEC Standardization

IO-Link – breakthrough sensor communication seminar gives an introduction to the new IO-Link sensor communication technology, the newly defined standard in the lower field level and useful advices for the development of device developers, product managers, and decision makers. In … Continue reading

Installing Projectors

The new projector technology for better pictures. Waiting for the latest televisions with larger screen size and higher image sharpness for an extraordinary viewing experience. Because at the latest since the World Cup 2006 in the country, during which thousands … Continue reading