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Result: total defeat in which we wanted to obtain. What to do? Then, not to leave negative thoughts them they are regodeen in our mind, we must remove it from, there as fast as they arrive, sustituyendolos immediately by positive … Continue reading

Ana Martinez

It is for this reason, like the participant comments Ana Martinez, in the organizational climate go to influence a series of as much external factors as internal that they are going to have a direct hit in the behavior of … Continue reading

PNL Tics

These people frequently fight with serious social difficulties. In some cases, a person can learn to identify the beginning and to replace the impulse that cause that the face tic. Even this, nevertheless, can get to be emotional and psychologically … Continue reading

Californian Wine

Wise people who in the famous Wine producing Region of California indeed in Calistoga Layer, are one of the natural but unusual wonders of the planet? In Layer not only there are vineyards famous by his rich ground and its … Continue reading

Original Meetings

– This is escencial, if your you do not obtain that the inegrantes of the group of mastermind are committed that they attend the meetings, soon you will see that nor half of the people will appear. Obvious nobody forces … Continue reading

Life Work

My wage surpassed by very little to the one of the receptionist of the company that as soon as it initiated his university studies, to difference mine that my professional title had and not only that but more than twenty … Continue reading