However, you must be aware that, in a globalized world, the offer of products and services comes from all parts of the world in such quantity that the customer possesses wide availability of alternatives for your best supplier selection. In this context the customer takes a vital importance, to the point that it can become one of the few tools differentiating between products and services with similar characteristics. No doubt, exposes Martinez (2009), that course in the country, the management of markets has not taken conscience on the importance of properly managing the service to the customer, has failed to identify, manage, and evaluate the invisible service, which is represented in everything essential to develop the value chain in the company that will constitute the spinal axis and will serve as the instrument to provide a high quality service. Customer service is us Adds, today is day of great importance due to increased competition between the companies, and that customers are demanding more and better service, therefore, already offer a quality product is not enough. Another important point is that the technology is almost within reach of all manufacturers and can be easily copied or implemented in products with similar features, therefore what differentiates one company from another is precisely the added value of the product to offer, within which the service is one of the most core factors. If we analyse the service currently provided the majority of Venezuelan companies especially those of sale of fast food, public services, shops in general, clinical cared the degree of involution with respect to other countries of the world. Very valid is the claim that CITES, to provide a good service not reached, if the client perceives not, it is real and logical view that if the customer or user not perceived that satisfaction regarding their tastes and expectations, the service provided so quality perception general tilt towards a combined with dissatisfaction to the preferences, motivations and internal needs of the individual. .

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