The Advantage Of Making Greater

There is a moment in life and do not ask me how, because I don’t know him in that one dares to deal with your spouse, to refuse the intemperate whims of their children, to tell your neighbors what you think and send to fry asparagus to his boss. That day is that one more has been done. Because, what reprisals can fit against someone who is already back everything and whose future depends not on necessarily that you say? Recently I received the beleaguered call from a friend who cried me to the phone on chores that made him in his company and how hard that was for him to endure them. He did so, logically, because among other things it terrified the eventuality of going to unemployment. Mood told him, to console him, that each day you need less to be able to send them to gargle! And when that may be asked, convicted, the day when I retire? I said not necessarily, but when you’ve done more. And it is that getting older has no date Fixed: depends on each person. More than a biological change that entails physical ailments and other evils, is a psychological change of attitude, recovery of freedom lost in this society of rules, obligations and various hypocrisies: the most obvious, the need to make the ball to the boss. Here we have, if not, the story of a group of executives who emerged from a building laughing at the joke that just tell the boss, who was going forward.

As one of them, more paragraph, not riese, someone who is crossed with the group asked him: do you why not laugh, is making him no grace?. Not answered the other, it is that I do not work in this Office. The other possibility for such conduct is that the employee was greater and his boss simply seems a memo. Thats what I think to me that, thanks to the sincerity acquired over the years, I’ve been sent to heck a lot of zombies. With such conduct every day I have less work, of course, but do you do you imagine it to taste that one stays? Original author and source of the article.

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