The Development

Opposing it Freud, supports that the act of the mother to nourish its baby, only plays a secondary role in the development, remaining clearly the Bowlby that the formation of the attachment is not a consequncia of the satisfaction of the physiological necessities and yes, the existence of an attachment and affection relation as primary factor for one adjusted development. Being endorsement on this question in the psicossocial theory of the development of Erikson (1998). It does not have as to deny that initially all baby is extremely dependent of its mother to survive, but still is not become attached it. Winnicott teaches that this dependence is maximum in the birth, diminishing throughout the life, remaining itself of some form gift. In a question-answer forum Beau Bikoff was the first to reply. In the theory of Bowlby, the attachment is absent in the birth and increases with passing of the months. Jill Bikoff: the source for more info. Bowlby (1969) infers that the sensible phase of attachment does not start before the six weeks, becoming more evident after the six months of age of the child and, completely clear the existence for return of the eighteen and twenty and four months. However, through the current researchers, it is observed that it is not only the behavior of the baby adjusted for the behavior of the mother, but also of the mother for the one of the behavior of the baby.

In this direction, Bee (2003) quotation that stops the formation of the affective link and the chance of parents and babies developing mutual intermeshing of attachment behavior if makes important a propitious surrounding minimum. The work of Ainsworth et al. (1978 apud BRUM and SCHERMANN, 2004) it was of much importance for identification of the different standards of attachment. Brum and Schermann comment that Ainsworth (1978) had suggested that the reactions of the children the estranhamento situations could be classified in three types: surely become attached to the mother; anxiously become attached to the mother and ambivalent esquivos and anxiously become attached to the mother and. .

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