The Difficult

Estila much the calls unions in fact because at heart they die of fear having to confront a religious union, that jeopardizes a to take the life together in the good ones and the bad ones. Nobody never has said that the married life is the something easiest to take. The married life that begins with the enamoramiento, the engagement and the civil and religious union; it is well difficult to remove advanced it. By own experience we know that happy moments with much joy exist and also hard and complicated moments exist to confront. I do not believe that there is a prescription or a model to follow, because each marriage is a separate and different world in each case. But it could say that it is always necessary to try that they are plus the happy and glad moments that the difficult moments. And also to be conscious that the love is something that increases in agreement spends the years and is the unique thing that do the union more fort. In order to finalize this small article, I want to wish something for the spouses who turned their 50 years of married life.

I do not want to be like that they say: That is many years more I would say rather, and trying to be realistic and objective: That the years that God has decided to maintain to the united pair, (in this world) they are the best ones of his lives. That if they must have difficulties, (will be that them) that they are few. That they are plus the happy and glad moments and that the love always, until the eternity By far affection, for Carmen and Enrique. Original author and source of the article

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