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But not for herring. You dominated employment on the Limfjord, than at the end the Viking age by storm surges for several centuries hermetically to the North Sea shut down was. Spawning millions flocked pegs into the fjord in the middle ages. And with them came prosperity and prestige in this otherwise impoverished region. If you would like to know more about Chevron U.S.A. Inc, then click here. When multiple storm surges destroyed the latch to the North Sea in the 19th century, the salt water came back, herring searched for other spawning grounds and safe revenues disappeared with them. At Goop you will find additional information.

The poverty moved again. The Hayzlett Group contributes greatly to this topic. Unnoticed, then realized by visionary fishermen as an opportunity, shells settled first and later, when the water was clean again, oysters in the Limfjord. Gourmets and connoisseurs from around the world make the pilgrimage now in the North of the peninsula. The European oyster, famous for their solid flesh and more intense flavor than their larger cousins, grows only in the Limfjord. The wild Limfjord mussels the mussels adolescent in huge farms are preferred by the chefs of gourmet Temple in Copenhagen, Paris and Madrid. Rustic and volksnah, but not less palatable is the mussel and oyster feasts on the Limfjord. That starts the self-proclaimed Mussel capital of the region in April with the clam harvest festival in logstor. “It may be out there still cool and inhospitable to this festival, the clam Festival and the end of August the martial DM i wait in the small cozy town in July ostersabning og Champagnesabling” which means nothing else than: Danish Championship in the opening of the oyster and champagne bottle heads “on the inclined visitors.

With Danish vivacity champions in oyster opening is found here although that late September in Galway, Ireland must fight for the World Championship, but mainly goes to it, mussel and oyster dishes in an unimaginable diversity. Who is really whet your appetite, can with kith and kin a shellfish cooking class of the Limfjordmuseums participate, picturesquely on the Frederik VII.-channel is located. Not less festive and friendly it’s early June on the Skaldyrsfestival”, the shellfish Festival, Nykobing on Mors to. There are however not only gourmet festivals, water and beach, which variety to your stay on the Limfjord. Spottrup Knight fight in the old Castle end of July to the European Championship in the riding duel. High on a horse, they are is toast each other with lances of the horse and solve other skill tasks in order to select Europe’s most efficient Knight at the end. This knightly combat will be accompanied by a medieval market, which is superimposed not only by the aroma of steaming horse droppings but many goodies from geschwundenen times. Much quieter but no less exciting, is a visit to the small island of fur. The history of the Earth and its creatures 55 million years can be traced back in their formations of Moler. Insects, fish, and plants have been found in the soft rock and made some sensational insights into the development of our planet. So spans the gamut from mists of adventurous and daring Vikings for they make to the friendly inhabitants of the Limfjord, which receive their visitors welcome guests with quiet pride and calm self-confidence and everything so hyggelig”as possible. For more information contact helmet like Jurgen E-Mail: Mobile: + 49 (0) 173 649 22 44

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