The Newcomer

A night in which the Moon shone high, posing his white light between the Rails, which marked the path of our traveller, and ilunimando her face, which was already obvious traits of a poor, but human expression, spoke you to this man of a travel companion, who have not seen at any moment, estubo always Katie in her uncertain journey, and that somehow was his true lost soul who acerraba this man, son of friendship, a friendship they had lost, with so many dissatisfactions and so many sorrows who had lived together. Accepted him as a companion on the journey, but not before make you it clear what were his intentions, gesture that encouraged the newcomer to share their steps, harboring a minimal hope of reconciliation. Together already continued their journey leaving stations and stations empty souls, but well traveled from other human face without any destination, waiting for his train passed the address that your soul loss also dictated them. Lost souls of tired bodies seek feelings with some life, that longed. Looks lost feelings of others than any Micron of affection, those looks that remain empty of wanting, seeking in other suplicadas by cruel punishment looks solutions, that only can give life to this type of indigent souls, by wanting relief. Do many uncertain destinations bring us the cruel does target?, where, on that station be sold the accurate ticket with destination, wanting to?, is there perhaps in this world something so cruel to let these lost souls no target, no shelter, no rest, for those uncertain steps that makes them continue living?, do worth continuing?. do alive?, or half dead?. Our traveller, and his faithful companion, feed all these hypotheses, and others many more, but the Moon lights the way to them, and therein lay a piece of hope that gives with its majestic presence.

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